Tuesday 12 April 2016

A great addition to the Maybelline family

A quick review from me today for a product I received a couple of weeks ago

I was so pleased to receive the Blushed Nude Palette free from Maybelline.  It's a fabulously compact little number containing twelve gorgeous shades that promise '13 different looks'. 

There's a handy little guide on the back for the novice user, which shows the best combinations to use to acheive a quad, trio or duo grouping although you can combine those colours further to acheive your own look.  There's a good range of pale shades for the daytime which can easily be smoked up with the darker shades for a more dramatic effect. 

I have olive skin and chose to use (numbering the top line 1-6 and the bottom 7-12) 1 and 2 on the lid, 5 and 11 in the crease and up towrds the brow and then a mix of 8 and 12 over the lash line and into the crease for a smokier look.  To give it a good run for it's money I've also tried the palette on my daaughter who has dark hair, green eyes and very pale skin.  We went for understated and used the third 'duo' combination pictured on the back and had great results. 

It's a palette I will definitely use in the future however, I do think that with so many colour combinations there should have been more than one applicator.  Although it is double ended
I feel that the sponge and brush ends would soon be too overloaded with shadow to give a clean result.  Other than that it gets top marks from me

You can find the palette here

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